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The History of Jungle Gardens

120 Pages | 9 x 12 Hardcover

Colorful hardcover coffee-table book revealing the roughly century-old story of  the private gardens of Tabasco heir E. A. McIlhenny that evolved into a 170-acre tourist attraction renowned for its exotic semitropical foliage, abundant wildlife, and ornate Buddha temple. All modern-day photographs were taken by Dean Cavalier.

Hardscrabble to Hallelujah: Legacies of Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana

500 Pages | 9 x 12 Hardcover

Design and illustrations created for a 500-page book detailing the history of plantations along Bayou Terrebonne in south Louisiana. Book one of a series about plantations in south Louisiana, and selected as 2017 Book of the Year by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities.

The National D-Day Museum Opening Brochures

A two-book series celebrating the grand openings of the first two phases of The National D-Day Museum. The books incorporated many tip-ins and inserts of replicated artifacts, including blueprints, a bomb tag, and a letter from Ike to the troops. These gave the reader a more tactile and interactive approach similar to what a guest would experience at the museum.

2018 Host City Super Bowl Pitch

New Orleans submitted a bid to host the 2018 Super Bowl in New Orleans. The year would coincide with the city’s celebration of its tricentennial. Working with the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation and the New Orleans Saints the pitch focused on the city’s rich history in America as well as its record number of times hosting the big game previously. Each NFL team owner was presented with a hand made wooden box which contained: an iPad preprogramed with a self playing video describing the various unique aspects of holding the game in New Orleans, a full color brochure detailing the pitch with the commited improvements to stadium and city infrastructure, a custom made wooden USB drive which contained all bid details in digital form, 2 flip books which showcased a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade and the new LED lighting scheme on the Super Dome, and finally a personal letter from Saints Owner Tom Benson which was hand-addressed using a calligrapher and closed with a custom made wax seal. Ultimately the bid went to Minneapolis because of a new stadium that would open that year, but the pitch was praised by local sports media as well as other NFL owners.

Cate School Recruitment Brochure

This five fold brochure was used as a leave behind for potential students for Cate School in Carpenteria, California. The goal was to offer a contrast to the environment of private boarding schools on the east coast which competed with Cate for the same students. There was a heavy emphasis placed on the campus environment and facilities as well as the diversity of the student body which distinguished Cate from other schools.

Centennial Campaign Book

Cate School published this 48 page perfect bound book for its centennial fundraising campaign. The book contained a brief history of the school as well as articles describing the ways in which the school looked to improve itself using funds from this campaign. The book was printed on uncoated paper and printed 4 color throughout. The photographs were taken by California photographer Jason Jones as well as photos and items from the school’s archival collection.

Letterpress Wedding Invite

We were approached by our friends Erin and Eric to do their wedding invitation. They were having a traditional New Orleans wedding which took place alonside the Mississippi River and near the river marker 95.7 which is marked alongside the river using the emblem at the top of the invite. We worked with Blackbird Press of Baton Rouge to print the two color design which was printed using a Chandler & Price 8×12 letterpress and printed on 100% cotton paper.

Cate School View Book

This view book fro Cate school in California was designed with a die cut cover which framed images from a photo collage on the inside pages. This presentation gave the book a unique presentation to help distinguish it from other school’s view books. The inside of the book contained information about the school as well as articles containing interviews from students and faculty which contained first hand insight into what the Cate School experience is like.


The National WWII Museum 2013 Annual Report

During the years reflected in this annual report, the museum underwent several expansions. We highlighted the expansions by including large images of the new exhibits in the report.